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Triad Padded Shooting Mat

$85.00 - $100.00
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Triad Padded Shooting Mat

Triad Padded Shooting Mat The Triad Padded Shooting Mat fills the gap between large/heavy shooting mats that can only be transported in a vehicle, and the thin, un-padded lightweight models. Its long enough to keep the shooters body out of contact with the ground and wide enough so your elbows dont hang off. With two layers of Codura(top/bottom) and 1/8" foam padding middle, the Triad Padded Shooting Mat offers protection without sacrificing portability. There is a 19" section of non-slip, durable material to set your elbows and buttstock on, which adds to the padding. There are 550 cord loops at the corners if staking is needed. When the mat is rolled, it is secured with three webbing straps, with METAL hooks (no more broken plastic buckles). These adjustable straps are removable and can be used to attach a rolled mat to other gear.

The Triad Padded Shooting Mat can be rolled up in two configurations; narrow roll and wide roll. The Triad Padded Shooting Mat is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.

Sizing information:
Weight 2.5 pounds
Width 36.5"
Length 57"
Narrow Roll: 18"x5.5"
Wide Roll 36.5"x3.5"