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Triad Padded Biathlon Sling

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Triad Padded Biathlon Sling (PBS)

The next step in the evolution of the popular Triad Padded Rifle Sling.  The PBS is built to carry a rifle like a backpack, comfortably and securely hung from a heavy duty harness. The PBS shoulder straps have 3/8' padding plus a dimensional mesh material on the body side.  The webbing material is 1.5" heavy duty, with extra strong stitching.  Each shoulder strap has a QD side release buckle and quick adjust for length.  The attachment points are "open ended" so you can add whatever swivel/attachment hardware you need.  You may add Traditional Swivels, Push Button QD(Flush Cup) swivels or HK/AI style hooks when you order. If you are going to climb, hike, run, ride or ski, THIS IS THE WAY......