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ITW Grimloc Carabiner


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ITW Grimloc Carabiner
Grimloc™ Locking D-ring When the United States Marine Corps was looking for a new fastener for their bladder hydration system they came to ITW. ITW had recently delivered the first IR signal reducing hardware, GhillieTEX™, and the Marines knew that they could count on us. The existing hydration units utilized a shoulder strap system that was prone to ridding over the body armor and cutting of circulation to the arms at the shoulder and pinching nerves. Marines in the 1 MEF began to ask for a system that would allow them to fasten their hydration system directly to their body armor. The Grimloc™ Locking D-ring was the solution. Around this time the Army was also looking for a fastening solution to mount items directly to the MOLLE webbing found on rucksacks, body armor, and load bearing vests. The army was interested in a solution that was strong enough to carry equipment that required quick access yet would "break away" with a Soldiers weight. Often Soldiers would mount lanyards directly to the MOLLE webbing, or to large metal Carabineers utilized in climbing. These methods would not allow for a quick break if the lanyard was snagged jumping and could result in serious injury to the soldier. * Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Spring and plastic * GhillieTEX™ IR signature reduction Technology * Light weight • Resistance solar heating * "SP" Self purging (Sand Pump) ports to eliminate sand from blocking the mechanism * Break away feature • Solid performance over a wide range of environmental conditions * Textured grip for use with gloved hands