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ITW 1.25" MASH Hook


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ITW 1.25" MASH Hook (sold individually)
The MASH (Metal All-purpose Snap Hook) gateless snap hook offers an alternative to the HK-style snap hooks in common use for sling systems. The MASH is constructed from stainless steel and is for use with webbing up to 1.5" (like that used on TIS and TAB slings). Pressing on the thumb tabs in the middle separates the two rings, allowing the MASH to be slipped into any loop attach point. It's simple to use and more secure than the HK-style. * 300 Stainless Steel * Black Oxide Finish * 12 lbs. force to open hook * 200 lbs. load ratting * No “hook” to get snagged * Low profile * Oversized thumb tabs * Easy operation * Stainless steel construction * No springs or pins to break SOLD INDIVIDUALLY