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Badger ACI assembly

Badger Ordnance

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Badger ACI Assembly: 306-73A
The "Angle Cosine Indicator", is a simple tool for shooters in mountainous or urban terrain. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is anodized in a black color. The A.C.I. is completely compatible with the "Mil Dot Master" and ballistic software. The cosine numbers are Laser Engraved onto the body in five (5) degree increments. When the weapon is held at an angle, the "A.C.I." indicates the cosign number of that angle by means of a highly visible index mark. The cosign number is then multiplied to the "Established Range", (straight line distance to target) which gives you the corrected for gravity distance.
How does it work?:
1. Determine full line-of-sight distance to target.
2. Determine the "angle cosine" by aiming at the target, then looking at the indicator on the ACI.
3. Multiply the full line-of-sight distance to target by the angle cosine number to determine the corrected for gravity distance.
4. Adjust the sight elevation knob (come-ups) on your scope, for the "corrected range".
This assembly INCLUDES the Badger Ordnance mount for either Picatinny Rails or 30mm Badger Rings. Please use the drop down menu to select the correct option. Gen I ACI mount places the dial ABOVE the Picatinny Rail it is mounted to (BO306-37) Gen II ACI mount places the dial BELOW the Picatinny Rail it is mounted to (BO306-73).