Badger BDM (Badger Detachable Magazine) System

Badger Ordnance

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Badger Detachable Magazine System
The M5/M7 BDM System are a heavy-duty guard like our M4 but allows rapid loading/unloading via a removable magazines. The guard includes one, Accuracy International factory magazine (223 is MDT brand), grade 5 Torx® screws, and pre-made bedding pillars to guarantee exact fit and perfect function. Made from Aircraft grade aluminum and hardcoat anodized black to a Milspec finish.

Inletting required, professional instillation is recommended.

*P/N 306-82 Short action, most short action calibers(NSN1005-01-557-3086/USMC M40A3) + 5 round magazine
*P/N 306-83M Long action, 300 Win Mag+ 5 round magazine
*P/N 306-86 Long action, 338 Lapua CIP length+ 5 round magazine
*P/N 306-89 Short action, 223 Rem + 10 round poly magazine
*P/N 306-93 Long action, 30-06 +5 round poly magazine
*P/N 307-10 Rem Model 7 short action +5 round magazine for 308 sized cases
*P/N 307-15 Rem Model 7 short action 223 Rem + 10 round MDT magazine
Maximum overall cartridge length:
Short action magazines 2.893"
300 Win Magnum magazines 3.653"
388 Lapua CIP magazines 3.76”
**Not available for export outside of the USA**