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Accu-Shot Precision Monopod with Quick Knob


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Accu-Shot Precision Monopod with Quick Knob
The Locking version of our Accu-Shot monopod was introduced in January 2002 this has become our best seller for good reason. With the Steel on Steel threads, it has all the same great features as the BT01 with the addition of a second Thumbnut. By jamming this second Thumbnut one can remove all of the tolerance found between the Male/Female threads. Or with a bit more pressure "lock" the Actuator knob. This is the model to buy for the highest degree of accuracy from your rifle from the Bench or in the field. The Standard Quick Knob allows quick gross adjustments into the target with a push of a button! The Quick Knob has a spring loaded button that when depressed allows the operator to slide the knob up or down on the Actuator Rod quickly into the desired sight picture. When the button is released, the fine threads are re-engaged and the operator can make the final adjustments by rotating the Quick Knob. The Quick Knob works with the Thumbnut to eliminate any tolerance for increased stability. Machined from T6061 Aluminum with a hard anodized finish and steel threads for strength and durability. Made in the USA. All QK Accu-Shot monopods will be delivered with the Quick Knob installed. Sizing: • BT01 Non Locking Elevation Range 3.50 – 4.45" • BT04-QK Locking Elevation Range 3.75 – 4.85" • BT05-QK Locking Elevation Range 4.80 – 5.85" • BT06-QK Locking Elevation Range 5.70 – 6.85" Applications Application in Target Rich Environments or Dynamic situations. Use the leg in a pivoting motion. Grab the knob with the heel of your hand making contact with the supporting surface. As you move your hand back, the rifle butt will be raised, when the hand moves forward, the butt is lowered. Panning is controlled by the same hand at the same time. This allows for fluid observation and rapid engagements over a wide target area and full range of elevations including moving targets. Method to Increase Elevation When the leg is fully extended and more elevation is required, simply drop the hand down on the knob, allowing one, two or three fingers to curl around below the base of the knob will give another 1-1.5” of elevation. While not as stable as having the knob in contact with the surface, it is a very solid position. Shooting from a Barricade position As the Accu-Shot is not required to support the rifle in this position, use it in the folded position by placing the bottom of the knob into the palm of your hand it becomes a “hook” allowing you to control the rifle and to pull it into your shoulder pocket. High Angle Shooting With a bipod deployed and resting on say, a window sill, having the leg fully extended, the knob becomes an extension of the stock allowing the operator the ability to hold the knob and completely control the rifle, gaining the ability to engage targets at very high angles. This method came from the field, 4 stories high engaged targets on same side of street.