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Accu-Shot BT08 ASAI Quick Knob


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Accu-Shot BT08 ASAI Quick Knob
The New Accu-Shot Accuracy International (ASAI) monopod for the Accuracy International AE, AW and AICS systems. Major components constructed from alloy steels, heat treated to Rockwell 52 for long lasting strength and durability. The ASAI is attached via an application specific nut without modification to the stock and is deployed and retracted with the press of a button. The same actuator knob with steel on steel threads and locking feature found on the BT04 is utilized on the ASAI. This unit allows a range of travel of approximately 1.05" or elevation adjustments between 3.45 - 4.5" (measured from center of lower buttstock bolt clearance hole). Made in the USA. Approximate weight 8.5 ounces. The Standard Quick Knob (QK01) allows quick gross adjustments into the target with a push of a button! The QK01 has a spring loaded button that when depressed allows the operator to slide the knob up or down on the Actuator Rod quickly into the desired sight picture. When the button is released, the fine threads are re-engaged and the operator can make the final adjustments by rotating the QK01 knob. The QK01 works with the Thumbnut to eliminate any tolerance for increased stability. The new QK01 replaced the standard knob on BT01, BT04, BT08 and BT12 providing the same approximate range of elevation. Machined from T6061 Aluminum with a hard anodize finish and steel threads for strength and durability the QK01 is a valued upgrade. All Accu-Shot monopods will be delivered with the QK installed. **This Item NOT for EXPORT outside the USA**