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Accu-Shot AFAR Kit


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Accuracy International – Freeland – Anschutz – Rail Kit
Accuracy International – Freeland – Anschutz – Rail Kit - We are proud to introduce the new Patent Pending AFAR Kit, that will mount into theses accessory rails and provide a low profile 1913 Picitinny rail for attaching the BT10 or BT10-LW17 Atlas Bipod or other accessories to. This is a great option for shooters that have these accessory rails and want to use their Rail Mount Atlas on several rifles. Three StocksThe BT28 AFAR Kit is ready to install, the uniquely dimensioned nuts will fit into the rails and slots one direction or rotated 90 degrees to another dimension. We suggest using some Loctite such as 243 when installing.The BT28 AFAR Kit is American made from 6061-T6 Aluminum with a Milspec Type III hard coat black with 4041 Alloy steel fasteners. (The photo of the three stocks, from the top; Bell and Carlson, Sako TRG and Accuracy International is for demonstration only, the rails were prototypes in the “white” and rejected due to slot location. The slots are centered on the ones we are selling.) WHILE WE REFERENCED WHAT WE BELIEVED TO BE A BONIFIED “ANSHUTZ” RAIL, WE HAVE HAD SOME CUSTOMERS WITH “ANSHUTZ” RAIL THAT THE AFAR RAIL NUTS DO NOT FIT. SO PLEASE USE THE DIMENSIONS BELOW FOR THE “AFAR” RAIL NUTS, TO INSURE PROPER FIT OF THESWE NUTS INTO THE SLOT OF YOUR ACCESSORY RAIL. THESE ARE STEEL AND CAN BE MODIFIED TO FIT BUT THAT DECISION TO DO SO WILL BE YOURS.