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Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch

Triad Tactical

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Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch (RAP)
The RAP is sized to hold twenty round of rifle ammo. The standard size will hold 223Rem, 260Rem, 308Win, 6.5x284 and up to 30-06(or other similar sized rounds). The magnum size will hold 30-06, 300WM and 338LM(or other similar sized rounds). The bullet tips are covered by a strip of webbing to keep them protected. When folded, the RAP is approximately 4"x7". Each of the fold out side panels has a clear window that is 3" wide and 7" tall. This area can be used to carry ballistic data, comms info, range cards or anything else that you might need quick access to while in a shooting position (favorite carry-out menu!). The pouches are MOLLE system compatible and are shipped with two short MALICE clips (Tactical Tailor). The pouches can also be attached to older style ALICE gear or be used on a belt.
This is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.