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Triad Tactical M4 Flop Top

Triad Tactical

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Triad Tactical M4 Flop Top single magazine pouch

Triad Tactical M4 Flop Top single magazine pouch This pouch was developed as a pouch to carry a single M4 magazine for rapid reloading. With the elastic strap secured down, enough of the magazine is exposed so that it can easily be gripped and pulled from the pouch. There is no need to grab the magazine with your finger tips and pull it partway out of the pouch and then re-grip it. It is configured to be used as an open top for easy access or with the elastic strap secured over the top for added retention. The elastic strap is sized to allow use with a stock GI magazine or a longer HK mag with a Magpul in place. Elastic around the front of the pouch provides retention for the magazine when the top is open. The Flop Top is attached to MOLLE platforms with two long MALICE Clips, which are provided with purchase. This allows the used to adjust the attachment to be used with MOLLE, ALICE or on a duty belt.