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Triad Hensoldt 45/60 Cover

Triad Tactical

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Triad Hensoldt 45/60 Cover (#TT-S60C)
Looking for a way to protect that Hensoldt Spotter 45/60 spotting scope? Following the success of our Leupold Spotting Scope Cover, we applied the basics to the Spotter 60 (or 45). The only Velcro on the cover is at the front, and is only used when you install the cover on the scope. During normal operation, there is no Velcro in use or exposed. We use the same heavy duty zipper on the eyepiece cover, and the G-Hook method to hold the sides open during use. The use of the factory eyepiece cover is optional. There is no material cover on the objective lens, which allows use of the factory provided plastic lens cover. The cover allows full access to the mounting points around the body of the scope, as you can see from the Badger Ordnance accessories in the photos (not included, sorry). The cover fits the body of the scope very closely and may require a little tugging to get lined up the first time. After that, no worries. More S60C features: 1. Construed from long lasting, Cordura material 2. 550 cord attachment points 3. Full close cell foam padding on body of scope 4. Hypalon material on bottom 5. Laser cut index holes for use of mounting points.
The Triad Hensoldt Spotter 60/45 Cover (#TT-S60C) is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.