Triad Spotting Scope Cover

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Triad Spotting Scope Cover(TT-SSC)
Looking for a way to protect that Leupold 12-40 spotting scope? No longer to you have to settle for the cheesy one available from the factory. Triad has made one big improvement over most of the covers offered on the market today: NO VELCRO! With some creative use of G-Hooks, the Triad SSC has done away with the Velcro which allows: 1. Silent operation. 2. No fouling of Velcro with debris, dirt or mud. 3. Allows the nose cone to be completely removed. 4. Optional nose cover for use with ARD/KILLFLASH (MULTICAM, RANGER GREEN, COYOTE, KRYPTEK COLORS ONLY) More SSC features: 1. Construed from long lasting Cordura material 2. 550 cord attachment points 3. Fully bonded padding 4. Lens cloth storage loop inside nose cone Do yourself a favor and replace that made in China crap that came with your scope. Optional nose cover for use with ARD (MULTICAM, OLIVE DRAB, COYOTE, KRYPTEK COLORS ONLY)
The Spotting Scope Cover is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.