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Triad Ear Pro Wrap

Triad Tactical

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Triad Ear Pro Wrap
The Triad Ear Pro Wrap is a cover that wraps around the headband of your hearing pro. They are made of 520E Tweeve material, which is slightly elastic. This, along with the Velcro closure, will allow them to fit a variety of headbands. We have used them on Sordin/MSA Supreme Pro and Supreme Pro X, Peltor ComTac/SWAT Tac and Tac-6, as well as several off the shelf non-electronic muffs with headbands up to 2 1/8" wide. There is an exposed section of Velcro material so that you can add your own name tape, or other suitable ID tags to your EPW. If you like, the EPW can be reversed so that there is no Velcro exposed, leaving only Tweeve material showing. Since this exposes the reverse side of the material, there is a slight color change Multicam, as can be seen in the photos. T
he Triad Ear Pro Wrap is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.