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Triad Modular Accessory Strip

Triad Tactical

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Triad Accessory Strip for Modular Stock Packs™.

Triad Accessory Strip for Modular Stock Packs™.

Triad currently offers SIX different accessory strips for use with the Modular Stock Pack™:
1-9 loops for 22LR to 308 sized shells
2-9 loops for 308 to 338LM sized shells
3-6 loops for 50BGM or 20/12ga shotshell
4-Single box magzine for AICS or similar systems
5-Triple carrier for single stack 22LR rifle magazines
6-Dope Card Window

These Accessory Strips are for use on either the inside or outside of the Modular Stock Packs™. Use on the inside of the pack will depend on the size/length of the items kept in the loops.

#4 will fit with either long or short action box magazines. The strip will work with mags up to 5" tall. 5 and 10 round 308, 10 round poly 223, 5 round 300wm, 338LM, AICS or AX, it does not matter. There is a way to make it work. You can adjust the tension on the bungee cord to suite your needs. The "depth" of the pouch can be adjusted with the adjustment provided by the underside of the pouch. This allows you to work with a variety of sizes of magazines. See photos for more details.

#6 is open at both ends, and will accept paper cards up to 1.5" wide x 6.5" long.


Triad Modular Stock Pack™

Triad Large Modular Stock Pack™

The Stock Pack™ Accessory Strip is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.