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Triad Chamber Flag Assembly

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Triad Chamber Flag Assembly

Handy on the range, safe around the house.  No, the bright orange webbing tail does not say anything cute on it like: remove before flight, remove before pew pew, pull here-make bang. Nope, not an option.

Our CFA is adjustable for length to give you sizing and mounting options.  The cord is elastic and there is a cord lock.  The cord lock allows you to change the length and tension level of the CFA.

Some flags have a way to loop around the bolt handle and directly to the chamber plug, but these allow the bolt to pull the chamber plug out if the bolt falls to the rear.  It will work on bolt action and most semi-auto rifles.

The Triad CFA is long enough so you can route it over your scope or around a scope ring so the bolt and chamber plug stay in place. Grab a few, you never have enough.