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SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System

SAIN Defense

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SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System for 7.62 and 5.56/223

SAIN (SNIPER AND INFANTRY) DEFENSE FIREARM CLEANING SYSTEM Patent Pending The SAIN DEFENSE Firearm Cleaning System is designed for combat and heavy use. It is designed, patented and manufactured by SAIN DEFENSE LLC President Brian K. Sain. Nicknamed “The Godfather” by snipers in 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, Brian is a long time LE sniper/instructor and founder of; winner of the Carlos N. Hathcock II Award by the National Defense Industrial Association.

The combat grade, precision, take-down, cleaning rod is built of the highest grade materials, by American contractors and is entirely made in the USA. The cleaning rod solves all problems associated with field grade cleaning rods/systems and the multi-functional modular pouch is entirely mission configurable for both caliber and function.

The Picatinny Rail Rod Interface is made of 6061 aluminum that is hard coat anodized and comes with a ladder rail cover for protection. The interface may be used as a stand alone T-handle or attached to any vertical fore grip (I.e. Larue, TangoDown or Grip Pod). The interface allows the rod to spin freely as the rod travels down the bore; thereby minimizing the self-disassembly commonly associated with sectional cleaning rods and tight fitting patches and brushes.

The Rod Interface also has an integral 3/8’ drive socket adapter made of 17-4 PH stainless steel that when used in conjunction with a vertical fore grip, may be used as a wrench for scope or rifle maintenance. - Rod sections are also made of 17-4 PH stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance and are knurled to assist in assembly/disassembly without tools. The system is supplied with 6 sections totaling 40 inches. - Bore riders (7.62/.30 version only) are made of high quality grade 360 brass which is softer than the rifle bore. The bore riders are nominally smaller than the bore diameter but larger than the rod centers; thereby keeping the stainless rod and knurling off of the bore itself. The bore riders increase rigidity and substantially strengthen the rod joints while keeping the rod centered (even when the rod attachments exit the muzzle) thereby saving wear on the muzzle/crown.

NOTE: As with any cleaning rod, the rod should be used with a bore guide to keep the rod centered and prevent wear on the chamber. Cleaning should be done from the breech whenever possible and care should be taken when using any cleaning rod from the muzzle.
NOTE: The rod takes standard, commercial off the shelf (COTS) 8-32 thread pitch male jags and brushes.
NOTE: USGI brushes are 8-36 thread pitch and will not work with this rod.
NOTE: The separate rod section with the shorter bore rider is for jag/brush attachment.
NOTE: The 5.56 rod sections, while precision manufactured, are conventional and do not come with bore riders or knurling due to the inherently small size of the rod itself.

The SAIN DEFENSE MODULAR POUCH is made by TAB Gear exclusively for SAIN DEFENSE LLC. The modular pouch is constructed primarily of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon. It also has heavy grade zippers, webbing and elastic and is currently available in Coyote Tan or MultiCam. MOLLE webbing allows the pouch to be carried either vertically or horizontally via optional MALICE Clips. The pouch contains an integral/removable cleaning mat(14"x14") which has a Velcro loop patch for IR patch attachment and paracord loops in each corner. The pouch has 2 internal zippered pockets for cleaning accessories such as bore brushes, jags, patches, bore guides, lens pens, torque tools or a wind meter. The pouch has a velcro spine system that allows removable “pages” to be added to the pouch as needed. These “pages” have webbing or elastic loops attached to hold cleaning rod sections, solvent bottles and other accessories. This allows a 7.62 (or larger) precision rod “page” to be accompanied by a standard 5.56 rod “page” for different weapon systems.  The pouch no longer includes the orange signal panel as seen previously.

Pouch Size 9.5"x5"x2" Complete kit for one caliber weighs 1.25 lbs.