Rifle Forend Wrap

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The Rifle Forend Wrap allows shooters more traction, friction, and padding on the front of their rifle. The RFW is non-slip, providing for extra grip in your hand, even when wet. When held against a hard material like a barricade, wall, tree or rock, the RFW reduces movement when shooting, allowing for better shot placement and follow-up shots. In addition it will provide protection to your rifle when used on hard surfaces. The RFW is made of a rubberized material that is bonded to the soft/loop side of Velcro. They can be mounted using the strips of sticky backed Velcro (provided) or with the shoelace option(the small size is Velcro only, no shoelace option). The materials are bonded together, not sewn. After bonding they are Laser cut to size and lacing holes cut out. This gives them a clean, low-profile presentation. If you have a traditional wood or fiberglass stock, where the barrel is exposed, we suggest using the sticky strips on these stocks. Once the stock is clean and they are applied, the RFW can easily be placed. A new feature is that the RFW can now be trimmed by the user. We have used a X-Acto and sharp box knife to trim the RFW, making cut-outs for bipod studs, pic rail etc. Each RFW includes: The Wrap Shock cord that you can cut to length Two Cord Locks for the cord Appropriate sticky back Velcro IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT FIT ON YOUR STOCKS, MAKE A PAPER TEMPLATE BASED ON THE SIZES ABOVE. CUT IT OUT AND PUT IT AROUND YOUR STOCK AND SEE WHAT YOU LIKE THE BEST. These items are not fire resistant, so please be careful with semi/full auto rates of fire.
Rifle Forend Wrap (RFW)
Small= 6.5" Long x 1.5" Wide
Medium= 6.5" Long x 4.5" Wide
Large= 6.5" Long x 6.5" Wide
Ranger Green
Coyote Brown
Manatee Grey
 The Triad Rifle Forend Wrap is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.