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Badger M7 Scout Light/Sling Mount

Badger Ordnance

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Badger M7 Scout Light/Sling Mount
Badger M7 Scout Light/Sling Mount M7 Scout Light mount provides a reversible offset mounting option for a Sure Fire Scout Light. The M7 will allow the needed clearance for devices like the PEQ-2A, PEQ-15 and ATPIAL. The M7 also has a bushing for a push-button QD sling swivel incorporated into the side of the mount, saving rail space. The bushing limits the rotation of the QD swivel to about 40 degrees, which will help prevent the sling from getting twisted. The M7 is machined from 7075 aluminum alloy (mil spec hard coat anodized) and attaches to the rail with a single clamp. This allows the user to put the mount onto the rail without having to remove other accessories in order to slide the mount into place. The M7 is indexed on the rail, and will not move fore/aft after proper instillation. The screws are all torx T-15 screws, as opposed to the usual hex screws.