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Accu-Shot Sako TRG Rail Kit


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BT29 Sako TRG Rail Kit
BT29 Sako TRG Rail Kit - We are proud to introduce the new Sako TRG Rail Kit (TRGR pronounced “trigger” Kit) that comes complete and ready to install on your Sako TRG rifle butt stock allowing for the installation of our proven Accu-Shot BT12 Precision Rail Monopod (BT12-QK is shown but not included). Installation of the TRGR Kit DOES require the temporary removal of the butt pad assembly and a second hole to be drilled, all of which can be accomplished with common hand tools. The main components are constructed from 6061T6 having a black Mil-Spec type III Hard Anodized finish and is assembled using two 10-32 cold formed Flat Head Cap Screws, a 40 durometer rubber cushion is included. Triad Tactical Inc. and B&T Industries L.L.C. strongly recommends a competent Gunsmith install the BT29 TRG Rail Kit. Installation requires removal of the Butt Plate Base and Butt Plate Fastening Rail exposing the lower .50 ID frame tube. Remove any obstructions from this tube, insert the Bar Nut into the frame tube, using the long Guide Screw locate the Bar Nut hole furthest away from the Guide Screw under the stocks factory hole. Insert 10-32x3/4 screw through the hole in the widest portion of the Rail, threading into Bar Nut making sure the Rail is in-line with stock, mark location for second hole. Remove Rail and Bar Nut, drill a 13/64 (.203) DIA. hole, re-install Bar Nut, Rail, Cushion and fasteners. NOTICE - Triad Tactical Inc. and B&T Industries L.L.C. shall not be responsible for any property damage resulting from the use of their products.