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8541 Tactical Ammo Burrito

8541 Tactical

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8541 Tactical Ammo Burrito
This is a new take on an old favorite. Several years ago I began making these to order in the corner of the shop. Demand exceeded my ability to keep up. We have now hooked up with a major gear manufacturer to sew these guys up right here in the USA. You are still getting the same double layer 1000D Nylon design as in the past. These are sized for either .338 LM size or .308 parent cartridges (.308, .260, .243, 6.5CM, etc.). Since they are elastic, you can put some fatter cartridges in there, but it’s not recommended you go much larger. We squeezed them together as tight as we could to keep the footprint small. All versions have a handy window to keep your drop chart or range card from blowing away. The “Ammo Burrito” is held in its rolled position by a loop of elastic and a cord lock. This was the simplest method we could come up with and stay “field repairable”. New for this year, we have included a webbing grid on the back to attach to your MOLLE compatible gear. There is a choice of twenty or thirty loops in .308 or 30 loops of .338 LM.