Triad Long-Gun Condom

$27.00 - $33.00
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Triad Long-Gun Condom Keep your favorite carbine or rifle nice and cozy in a Long-Gun Condom.
Protect your rifle from the elements: grime, dirt, dust, other safe queens, prying eyes and poking fingers. The Long-Gun Condom is made of 1000D Codura and features opposing 550 pull cords for easy, secure closing. Keep your treasures safe with a Long-Gun Condom! Available in two sizes:
-CARBINE CONDOM will hold any weapon up to 36” overall length (AR with A2 stock and 16” barrel) and up to 11.5” tall (AR style with Aimpoint and 30 round USGI magazine, or flat-top with magnifying optic and 20 round magazine).
-RIFLE CONDOM will hold any weapon up to 49" overall length (Rem 700 SA with 28" barrel) and up to 13" tall (AR10/SR25 with large optic and 20 round magazine in place).
This is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.