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SAP Two Rounder

Short Action Precision

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SAP Two Rounder

SAP Two Rounder Two Rounder is simple, it hold two rounds of ammo right where you need it. Placed by the action of your rifle, you're ready to quickly access a round and get it into the chamber. You can put one on any piece of open Velrco Loop material (that's the soft side) you like. The back of the Two Rounder is covered with Hook material and each one is provided with a section of adhesive backed Loop. You can stick one on the side of your rifle by the chamber, stick/sew one to the sleeve of your favorite competition shirt, on your sling, or the bill of your hat ;-) The Two Rounder takes the Barney Bullet to the next level. (If you don't know, Google it).


Small, for 223 and similar
Medium, for 308 and similar
Large, for 338LM and similar

Olive Drab
Foliage Green

Each Two Rounder comes with one, BLACK, section of adhesive back Loop. You may order additional ones if needed.