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Kestrel 4500 Night Vision with Applied Ballisitcs


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Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter
Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter The Kestrel applied ballistics meter combines sophisticated environmental sensing features with long-range shooting ballistics information in one hand-held device. The built in Applied Ballistics software provides all of the following: The accurate and trusted ‘Litz’ library of G1 and G7 referenced Ballistic Coefficients (BC’s). Custom drag curve modeling; helpful in engaging targets beyond the supersonic range of the bullet. Ballistic Calibration (truing) feature allows you to ‘train’ the solver based on actual bullet impact. PC Loader software; build firearm profiles on your computer and transfer them via wire or Bluetooth The Kestrel Shooters Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics Technology measures up to 15 environmental parameters and allows users to select from either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients (BC) when calculating a trajectory at the range. The handy, portable meter also offers the “Litz” measured BC library of over 225 bullets, which is considered to be the most extensive source of measured data for modern small arms bullets. Users can also train the Kestrel Shooters Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics software to match a specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range with the ballistics calibration feature, which offers even more accurate data points for users to rely on. With easy access to more accurate BC data, shooters have everything they need to make a much more precise trajectory calculation in a compact and durable Kestrel meter design. The Kestrel Shooter’s Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics allows users to select either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients, or to be even more specific and select from an entire library of Applied Ballistics Custom Curves for more than 200 common long-range bullets. A sample set of these Custom Curves is pre-loaded on the Kestrel unit itself, including: · .308 175gr Sierra Matchking · .300 WinMag 190gr Sierra Matchking · .308 230gr Berger Target Hybrid · .338 250gr Lapua Scenar · .338 300gr Lapua Scenar · .338 300gr Berger Target Hybrid · .338 300gr Sierra Matchking Please note that access to the full Applied Ballistics Custom Curve library REQUIRES the Applied Ballistics Profile Loader PC application together with either Bluetooth® data transfer capability and PC, or the Kestrel Computer Interface accessory. The Applied Ballistics Profile Loader is available free to download on this page. For full gun and bullet profile customization and backup, we recommend our customers purchase the unit with Bluetooth wireless data transfer for ease of use and functionality. Kestrel With Applied Ballistics and Bluetooth Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter with integrated Bluetooth® technology offer the ultimate in portable and accurate environmental data. Now, both real-time and logged data can be transferred wirelessly and automatically to a laptop or PDA, making a Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and Bluetooth® technology the perfect tool for virtually any job that requires quick and reliable data. What's the difference between the Applied Ballistics and the Horus version? The main differences between the two models is The Applied Ballistics model has a different truing application with drop scale factor, it has bullet length as a standard gun input (used to calculate spin drift) offers +\- angle input and has the ability to use G1,G7 and custom drag profiles. The unit comes Pre loaded with 7 custom curves, and the Gun loader will have over 100 custom drag profiles to use. These will NOT be able to be manually added, they must be done through the software... So you'll either need the bluetooth or the USB interface. Kestrel 4500NV Applied Ballistics Meter Features Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range rifle shooting. Select either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficient when calculating a trajectory. Get ballistic coefficient data for more than 225 long range bullets. Measure up to 15 environmental parameters at your fingertips. "Train" the software to match your specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range Wind speed/air velocity Temperature Wind chill Relative humidity Heat stress index Dewpoint temp Wet bulb temp Barometric pressure Altitude Density altitude Wind direction Crosswind Headwind/Tailwind Pressure trend