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Triad Tactical

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Straight out of the early 1900's, belt fed machine gun technology comes to you at the click of a mouse. The Triad Tactical BAM-Dolier! is available in Small and Medium sizes. The Small will hold up to 308/7.62 sized rifle rounds, and the Medium will hold rounds up to 338LM size. The shell loops are elastic to accommodate intermediate sizes and help securely hold the rounds. The elastic material is 1.5" wide on both versions. Best part? You can order as many loops as you like!! Anywhere from 1-50 loops in normal production for purchase online. We custom cut them to match each order, so each end will have a spot where we used a hot knife to cut the elastic.  For custom orders of up to 800 loops, please contact Triad Tactical for a quote. You can roll it, fold it, loop it or wear it like a crown. By adding the optional Grim-Lock carabiner, you can attach it to your gear.
Small size is Coyote Brown in color and Medium size is Khaki.
To order:
1. Select the size
2. Decide if you want to splurge on $1.89 for a Grim-Lock(remember it will take up one loop)
3. Choose how many loops you want on the strip
4. The QUANTITY drop down will give you the option to order more than one identically set up BAM-Dolier! If you want to order another and make a change, just start over on step #1, repeat as needed.
The BAM-Dolier! is a proprietary product of Triad Tactical, manufactured in the USA.