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Badger Base, Unimounts

Badger Ordnance

$169.00 - $199.50
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Badger Unimounts

Badger Ordnance Unimount's are a solid one piece scope mount built from aircraft grade aluminum to be strong, durable and lightweight. The Unimount is attachable to any Mil-Std-1913 picatinny rail and will secure a scope with a 30mm,34mm and 35mm main tubes. The height of the mount is measured from the top of the picatinny rail to the center-line of the scope.
Size options as follow:
BO306-62 30mm Alloy 0 MOA .885" ring height, 3.375" long
BO306-97 30mm Alloy 20 MOA 1.40" ring height, 4.65" long
BO306-64 34mm Alloy 0 MOA 1.49" ring height, 4.395" long
BO306-95 34mm Alloy 0 MOA 1.49" ring height, 5.0" long
BO306-98 34mm Alloy 20 MOA 1.50" ring height, 4.625" long
BO306-160 35mm Alloy 0MOA 1.5" ring height, 5.0" long
Items will vary from photo, based on height of rings, and length.