Badger Condition One Modular Mount

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Badger Ordnance is proud to announce our new Condition One Modular Mount (C.O.M.M.). The C1 Modular Mount is Badger
Ordnance’s answer to a growing demand for modularity in optical platform mounting. The C1 Modular Mount offers the end user four accessory mounting points on the Unimount body both left, right, fore, and aft to suit a wide range of shooter’s needs. With the ever-expanding options available to shooters in the accessory and electro-optic markets, Badger Ordnance saw the need for a mount that can make the most use of precious real estate on rifle platforms while acting as a centralized hub for attachments and not suffering from deflection seen on optics and lasers attached to handguards.

About that TAN annodization:

Badger has made every effort reduce the variation in TAN color across the C1 mount/accessory line.  That said, there can, and probably will be some color variations between the products.  Badger, and therefore Triad Tactical, will not accept returns of C1 COMM or COMM accessories because of color issues.  The current product photo on this site is a computer rendering of the COMM and is not an exact representation.  More photos will be added ASAP.

Photos may show options sold separately (accessory mounts and sights).

This item is not available for export.