Tactical Intervention Specialists AR Slip Cuff

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Tactical Intervention Specialists AR1.25" Slip Cuff
The 1.25” AR Slip Cuff Quick Release Sling is light, strong and very adjustable. It is similar the Slip Cuff in construction, the "cuff" is built into the sling, and not detachable as with the Quick Cuff. There are three modifications that make it different from the original version: 1. The addition of an extra layer of webbing in the cuff area that makes the cuff stiffer so it is easier to get your arm into or out of the arm cuff. 2. The slider on the arm cuff has been replaced with a Fastex Quick Release buckle. This allows the cuff to be cinched around the bicep as before, but adds the ability to quickly remove the cuff from the arm. 3. A Fastex Quick Release buckle has been added between the rear of the sling and the arm cuff. This allows the sling to be separated in the middle so the rifle can be quickly released from cross-body carry, or jettisoned in an emergency. The rear of the sling has two adjustment points; one for fine tuning the overall length of the sling, and one which allows you to rapidly tighten or loosen the sling when it is around your body. The 1.25” AR Slip Cuff Quick Release Sling is easy to attach to most any rifle and it is quick and easy to slip into while in the field or on deployment. US made TALON Military Swivels (M-24 version), HK/AI style hooks, ITW MASH Hooks or Flush Cups are available as hardware options. With many satisfied customers singing our praises, we are confident that The AR Slip Cuff Quick Release Sling has met a need that until now has been overlooked by the other manufacturers. Select your attachment method from the MENU.