RO Carbine Sling

Rifles Only

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Rifles Only Carbine Sling

Rifles Online Carbine Sling/ Multi Use Sling.

This Sling was developed with the Carbine in mind. The bungee end will allow you to have this sling sucked tight to your body and still shoulder the rifle without having to loosen it up. All length adjustments are contained in the sling, NO more hanging parts to get in the way or find. In addition to the bungee rear section, the front of the sling has a quick adjustment feature, to allow for rapid changing of the overall length of the sling. Great for hunting or if your looking for a more minimalist sling.

Made of 1.5" Nylon. Full Berry Compliant. Made in Texas with all parts from the USA. Lifetime Guarantee!! Soon to come will be a add on to make the sling a 2 Point to Single point. The sling comes in 3 colors Black,Coyote Brown and OD Green. Select COLOR and ATTACHMENT method below.