MSA/Sordin Supreme Pro-X

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The MSA/Sordin Supreme PRO-X
Supreme PRO-X: Black The MSA/Sordin Supreme PRO-X offers two separate, well-shielded microphones for optimum stereo reproduction of ambient sound and location of sound direction.  Supreme Pro-X enables high sound amplification and quality sound reproduction without "Clipping" and 600 hours of battery life with two standard AAA batteries (included) and has a low battery warning.  In addition, the electronics have enhanced waterproofing and are accessible from the outside of the unit.  The Supreme PRO-X provides the method of hearing protection that minimizes or compresses high sound levels, without removing ambient sound.  This is an exceptional method of hearing protection because ambient sound is reduced to safe levels with being completely muted.  Thousand are in service throughout military services around the globe.  Designed to conform to international Mil-Specifications for use under normal to extreme conditions.  Low profile ear cups are designed for compatibility with a wide array of ballistic helmets.  Removable camouflage headband cover is included. Digital electronics with high amplification with natural and realistic sound 600 hours battery life from 2 x AAA batteries (INCLUDED) Two separate waterproof microphones with excellent sound quality and perfect directional hearing AUX-3.5mm jack inlet (jack cord included) for hunting radio, dog tracking devices, I-POD players. NRR 18 with ambient sound attenuation at 82 dB(A) Tested to IP67 at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON ELECTRONICS Silicone Gel Rings are OPTIONAL, but well worth it!