HSGI Single Universal Modular Magazine Pouch

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This Pouch Holds: 3 X M-4 mags
The HSGI Universal Modular Magazine Pouch connects to any MOLLE/PALS platform by use of MALICE clips . The magazine pouch was designed for multiple magazine types . Each pouch can hold up to ; either 3 M/16 , 2 AK , or 2 .308 magazines . It can hold 2 M/16 magazines with use of a coupler . The staggered design also allows a 20 round m/16 magazine to set up high enough within the internal stirrup to use along side with 30 rounders or to allow the user to identify certain magazines with unique purposes . Also within the internal stirrup , a M/18 smoke can be placed within . The using 2 of any rifle mags within , the flap can be placed out of the way within the pouch for quick grabs . The pouch also has an adjustable shock-cord via cord-locks to retain magazines within . MOLLE/PALS webbing is located on the sides of the pouch for additional modular pouches .