Badger Rings 306-39,USMC SASR 1.125, 30mm

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Badger Ordnance 306-39 Scope rings.These are the USMC "Issue Item" for the .50 cal SASR.  The rings are 1.125" high and 30mm, but 1" reducer inserts are included.NSN: 5365-01-527-2034 This item...

Badger Ordnance 306-39 Scope rings.

These are the USMC "Issue Item" for the M82A .50 cal SASR.  The rings are 1.125" high and 30mm, but 1" reducer inserts are included.

NSN: 5365-01-527-2034

In the early 1990’s Badger Ordnance identified the need for quality Tactical scope rings and mounts designed to meet the higher demands of the emerging Military and Law Enforcement tactical shooting community. Badger Scope Rings are machined from steel barstock as serialized matched pairs. This assures that both rings are identical and eliminates the damaging effects of mismatched mass produced rings. Maximized rings are designed to fit MIL STD 1913 (also called Picatinny) optical rails and are finished with Mil Spec Black Oxide. All the hardware on our rings was designed by us and is made to our specifications including the Torx® screws that hold the scope securely in the rings. MAX-50 Rings are made to the same specifications as our standard rings but are 1 INCH wide! The MAX-50’s have 60% more holding power and were designed specifically to tame the recoil of the .50 BMG Six 8-40 Torx® screws secure each scope cap to the ring. The Maximized series of Scope Rings and Rails are made to the highest tolerances in the industry.